Analysis Services

Trigent delivers optimum research for projects involving Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), sound computational methodologies, and concise reporting. Trigent’s data analysis services ensure that each phase abides by essential scientific standards.

Trigent helps companies, universities, and research groups transform their ideas into achievable project plans with measurable strategies. To harness diverse sources of standardized data, our bioinformatics team focuses on the computational analysis, interpretation, and visualization of genome-wide data. 


Trigent utilizes techniques and industry best practices to implement and execute system requirements. By applying bioinformatics software to various projects and programs, Trigent meets clients’ needs with fast turn-around times and consistent quality. We also design and develop tailored software solutions while maintaining system updates and extensions.

Consulting Services

Trigent helps clients leverage biomedical technologies and design statistically sound genome-wide experiments. Our support team is well-versed in performing experiment cost analyses to attain accurate and cost-effective data. Additionally, we supply technical writing services to guide clients through the bioinformatics sections of research grants and whitepapers.


Trigent Solutions offers instructors specialized in training software users, staff members, and stakeholders on new and upgraded software. Our highly experienced and qualified instructors readily develop training materials according to specified software designs or upgrades.